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Integration means data transfer and communication between software running on different platforms

Xinerji Integration Framework

Companies get their software needs from specialist service providers.  It is inevitable that these different  softwares will communicate with each other. If this software is closed to the outside World, the desired efficiency will not be obtained.

What is Xinerji Integration Framework?

While the importance of integration increases day by day, it is essential that the software developed by different companies in different locations communicate with each other and information or data is transferred correctly and securely.

That’s why Xinerji has developed Xinerji Integration Framework to ensure data flow securely by constantly interacting with its own apps and external applications, websites.

In this process, the Xinerji Integration Framework uses many technologies such as Soap, Rest-Api, Edi, Ftp, Mail, Rpa, Web Crawling, according to need. It only does the transmission or retrieval of permitted data by going through the Consent process based on need, going through the Log and data accuracy processes. 

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)

It is designed for use in communications of distributed applications and web services.  It is a protocol that operates in client/server logic using the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) model.  All messages that SOAP develops to call functions through the web are transmitted in XML format.

Rest API

Representational state transfer is a distributed system that uses Web protocols and technologies.  Systems that provide REST principles are classified as RESTful.

It was developed by Roy Fielding as part of his PhD thesis and became quite popular because of its simple structure.

It was developed as a simpler alternative to the difficulty of using SOAP and WSDL-based Web services.

RESTfull systems communicate with HTTP (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE etc.), which is also used by Web browsers to transfer pages through the HTTP protocol.


As one of the first building blocks of cross-system integration, EDI enables the structural data exchange between applications from different organizations.It replaces paper document exchange, which is mostly used in business world. Due to this aspect, it is also related to electronic commerce.  For EDI applications, data is transferred in a structural format.  Today, it is replaced by  technologies such as Soap and Rest, it is still used.


File Transfer Protocol; FTP sending a file to a user on another TCP/IP network using FTP requires a valid user name and password on the computer on that network. Today, from time to time integrations with agreed file formats are still used.


E-Mail is used for communication, but it is also used  from time to time for integration purposes.  Integration is done by parsing the text in the body of the mail or the excel, text file in its attachment.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a business process automation technology based on metaphorical software robots (bot) or Artificial Intelligence (AI)/digital workers. It is basically to identify repetitive operations and our organisational processes and make these processes faster and more error-free by machines rather than human.

Web Crawling

It began with search engines circulating through websites. Basically Web Crawling is to scroll through the website via http and collect information contained on the target site.  It is commonly used to retrieve data from systems without integration structures.

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